College Structure & Staff

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The College Council consists of the College Dean (Mr Dominic Byrne) who is responsible for the general management of the College; several episcopal appointments representing the Bishop and the Church community (Mons. Doug George VG, and Mr Gerard Madden); several university appointments representing Charles Sturt University (Mrs Mary Dwyer and Mr Paul Dowler); the President of the student association (SFCA); and a student representative elected by the SFCA.

The House Staff are responsible for keeping the College building in good order. Mr Joseph Elbenou is  responsibe for keeping the college to a high standard of cleanliness.

The Residential Tutors are responsible for the welfare of the residents in the absence of the Dean. The Tutors are appointed by the Dean from among the resident student body. The Tutors for 2020 are Ned Mulholland (Senior Tutor), assisted by three other Residential Tutors - Bridget Murray, Janice Ly and Connor Whiteman.

The Faith Team provide the residents of Saint Francis with the opportunity to further grow and develop their love and understanding of Jesus Christ. The Faith Team are chosen from the residential body. The College Faith Team for 2019 are Catherine Fsadni, Quang Nguyen and ALix Brill-Jamieson. 

The St Francis Collegians' Association (SFCA) is the social arm of the College. Membership of the SFCA is open to all residents of the College. The SFCA exists to organise social, sporting and cultural activities within the College as well as with other CSU Residences.