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The Alumni is open to all students who have resided in Saint Francis College during Academic Session (Semester) including Tutors and SFCA Committee members. Additionally, staff of the college (namely Rectors, Deans, House Staff, and Groundspersons) are all eligible for membership to the Alumni. Each year, students who complete their degrees are invited to join the Alumni at the Valedictory Dinner. Any student who leaves the college during the course of the year will be sent an invitation to join the Alumni before the conclusion of that academic   year.


It is proposed that reunions will be held at regular intervals (e.g. every 5 years) and would involve all former residents of the college. The cost of holding reunions will be covered by members who attend.


All members of the Alumni receive two newsletters (during Autumn and Spring Sessions) annually. These newsletters contain general information about the college and any forth-coming reunions, etc. Members are also regularly reminded to inform the Alumni committee if their mailing details, etc, have altered. Members are also encouraged to inform the Alumni committee of interesting events in their life, for potential inclusion in a subsequent Alumni newsletter.