How do I book a tour of St Francis College?

Tours of St Francis College are open all year round.  If you would like to book a tour, simply email stfrancis.csu@wagga.catholic.org.au with your preferred date and time.

Why should I choose St Francis College over other accommodation options?

St Francis College provides premium quality accommodation.
The physical environment provided by the college is unsurpassed on the Wagga Wagga campus of Charles Sturt University.
The generously sized bedrooms are well appointed, including a high quality mattress and doona, large study desk and good quality study chair, armchair, bookshelf, fridge, vanity unit, high speed data etc. There are a number of common rooms (e.g. billiards room, television room, formal lounge room) and they are also well furnished.
The college is cleaned by the house-staff each weekday. Bedrooms are cleaned weekly by the house-staff. Bed linen is exchanged weekly.
The college offers a high level of pastoral care.
The community life and social life of the college is the envy of many!
Living at 'Frannies' (as the college is affectionately known) gives you a great head-start at university in terms of being surrounded by other like-minded people who want to excel in their chosen course of study while having a great time along the way!

Do you have to be Catholic to live at St Francis College?

No. We do not discriminate on religious grounds. People of many different religious beliefs live at St Francis. We are an inclusive community, and proselytism and fundamentalism have no place at this College.
However, we have good reason to believe in the Divinity of Jesus Christ, and that history records that Jesus founded a community which is primarily and substantially the Catholic Church. We believe that the Catholic Faith has the fullness of truth, and expect that all residents will respect the rules of the College, which have been based on the teaching of Christ, handed to us by the Apostles and their successors.

Is St Francis College strict?

Like any communal living residence, there is a need for rules and regulations. Saint Francis College ensures the safety, health and wellbeing of its residents and maintenance of a high standard of living through the implementation of college rules.
Those who are happy to live by Gospel values do not find the college strict at all. Those who would not be prepared to live by Gospel values - in particular, respect for the rights of others - would find the college environment restrictive, and therefore would be out of place at St Francis College.

Is there a curfew?

No. Your room key allows you to enter the external doors of the college and your room at any time. You can come and go whenever you please at any time of day or night. There is no curfew at St Francis College. The closest thing we have to a curfew is a restriction on noise after 11pm Monday to Thursday, and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. We believe that residents have the right to live and study in a peaceful environment, especially after the above mentioned times at night.

Is the college single-sex or co-residential?

The college is co-residential. Males and females live in the same building, although there are separate bathroom facilities for males and females.

Is alcohol allowed?

The college encourages alcohol to be enjoyed in moderation. The college provides alcohol at many of its functions, but expects that residents will not be irresponsible in their consumption of alcohol.

Am I allowed to have visitors?

Yes. Visitors are welcome to the college, provided that they observe the rules of the college. Residents may also have guests stay overnight, provided they seek prior permission from the Dean.

What is the atmosphere of St Francis College like?

At St Francis, we encourage residents to enjoy the freedom which university life presents, within the context of a supportive family style environment. We strive to provide an enjoyable place to live, where life-giving values and good habits are esteemed.
The college has an incredibly warm vibe. We have a great college spirit, because residents appreciate that they are part of a close knit community.
Some of the benefits of living at St Francis include the high standard of accommodation, the fine quality of pastoral care provided by the college, the high standard of cleanliness maintained, the peace of mind of high security, an unsurpassed social life, as well as a host of 'little things' such as the ability to have a late meal delivered to the fridge in your room if you have a late lecture, the ability to store your goods in the college over the summer holidays, free college sport singlet, etc.
'Frannies' is a genuine 'home away from home'. When new residents arrive at the start of the year, we put a great deal of effort into helping them settle in to college and university life. It is not uncommon for the Dean to receive complaints from parents who say that their child feels more at home at Frannies than at their own home!

How much does it cost to live at St Francis College? Is it good value for money?

Accommodation at St Francis is offered on a 36 week contract for CSU Students, and a 42 week contract for UNSW Students.
There are two types of rooms at the college - standard rooms and rooms with ensuite.

2024 Residency Fees have not yet been finalised. Please use the below as a guide only. 
Standard Room
36 Week Contract (CSU Students): $9,700
42 Week Contract (UNSW Students): $10,560

Ensuite Room
36 Week Contract (CSU Students): $11,380
42 Week Contract (UNSW Students): $12,520

Reasons why St Francis College is excellent value for money include:
Compared with our competitors, we have by far the best social life and by far the most tight-knit community;
Residents at Frannies are treated as adults (ie, not like children or numbers), and we have the best standard of pastoral care;
We provide the best physical environment (ie, better quality furnishings, room size, etc.);
Our wifi is fast, and it is arguably the most stable on campus;
We provide evening meals - on site - through the week (during CSU Semester 1 and 2);
The whole building is generally cleaner than our competitors;
Your room is cleaned weekly and we provide and launder your bed linen;
Lots of 'little extras' that our competitors don't have such as fire buckets in winter, fully equipped kitchens, college social nights etc.
This is excellent value for money when you consider the unsurpassed facilities offered at St Francis and the intangible benefits of living in the supportive environment offered by St Francis College.

For more detailed information about the fee structure and payment options, click here.

Does this include meals?

The College is semi-catered. That means that the College provides an evening meal four nights per week (Monday to Thursday inclusive) during CSU Semester 1 and 2. The four evening meals are included in the fees. Residents must provide for themselves for all other meals, and outside of CSU Semesters 1 and 2.

Is there a discount for upfront payment of fees?

Yes. There is a $100 discount for full upfront payment of fees at the commencement of the academic year.

Can I pay biannually or each term?

Yes. However, there is a $100 discount if you elect to pay for the full year upfront.

How much does it cost to apply to live at St Francis College?

There is no cost associated with applying for residency at St Francis College.

Are there any upfront payments if I get accepted?

Yes. If you get accepted into St Francis College, there is a (relatively low) set of Acceptance Fees. Please refer to our 'Fees' page for more detail.

How many meals are provided by the college?

The college is semi-catered. The college provides an evening meal four nights per week (Monday to Thursday inclusive) during CSU Semester 1 and 2. Residents must provide for themselves for all other meals.

What facilities are provided for me to prepare my own meals?

The college has two fully-equipped kitchens for the use of residents. Each kitchen is equipped with cooktops, conventional ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators and freezers, toasters and kettles, as well as cookware, crockery, cutlery and glassware. Each resident has a lockable pantry cupboard in one of the kitchens. 

What do I need to supply in order to prepare my own meals?

You only need to buy your own ingredients. Our kitchens are fully equipped and ready for you to cook delicious and nutritious meals!

What else do I need to bring?

Apart from clothing, study equipment and personal items, you need to bring your own towels, and are advised to bring an extra blanket for the winter months. You should also bring a few good outfits for formal occasions and official functions.

Is there a laundry?

Yes. There is a laundry with two washing machines and two tumble dryers. 
Residents are required to launder their own towels and clothing. The college launders the bed linen.

Are the rooms cleaned by the college or do residents have to clean their own rooms?

One of the huge advantages of living at St Francis College is the high standard of cleanliness at the college. The house staff clean the residents' bedrooms and the common areas regularly.
Students who move to St Francis from other accommodation providers say that this is one of the major points of difference between St Francis and other residences. 

How well do I have to do in my studies in order to continue living at St Francis?

For continued residency at St Francis, residents are generally required to pass at least three-quarters of the subjects they undertake. For example, if you study four subjects in a semester, you normally need to pass at least three of them to continue residency.
In reality, it is very rare for residents of St Francis College to fail subjects because the college provides such a good study environment, and our residents are motivated to do well in their chosen course.

If I am accepted into St Francis College, can I stay for the full length of my course?

Residency at St Francis College is offered on a 36 week basis for CSU Students, and a 42 week basis for UNSW Students. Readmission to the College for the following year is not automatic. Readmission to St Francis College is determined by the positive contribution the resident makes to the life and tone of the College.
In reality, almost every resident who wishes to stay for the duration of their course can do so.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. Upon acceptance, successful applicants are sent a copy of the College Handbook and Contract of Residency. The handbook outlines the rules of the college. Prospective residents are required to read the handbook and contract thoroughly before signing the contract and taking up residence at the College.

Is the college secure?

St Francis College takes the issue of security very seriously. The college is the most secure accommodation on campus. The external doors to the building are always locked, and may only be accessed by a St Francis College key. The College is patrolled at night by CSU Security. Individual bedroom doors also contain their own high security lock system. Off-street parking has security lighting and 24 hour security cameras.

How close is the college to the rest of the university?

St Francis College is located on the main CSU campus within close proximity to all the other CSU Halls of Residence. The college is nestled amongst the CSU tennis courts, squash courts, pool and gym. The college is a short walk from the lecture theatres, library and other university facilities.

I do not own a car. Do I need a car if I live at St Francis?

You do not need a car to get around the university, as St Francis is within easy walking distance of all university facilities. If you need to get to town, there is a public bus service to the city.

What functions do you have at St Francis?

The St Francis Collegians Association puts on a number of functions throughout the year. Some of these functions include:

Saints Ball (in conjunction with St Martin's College);
Girls and boys night in;
Pool Competition;
Tennis Competition;
College retreat and mini-retreat;
Formal Dinners; 
Plus many other college events ...     
SFCA functions vary from year to year depending on what the residents want to do. People who do not like to have a good time are out of place at St Francis College!

What is the deadline for applications for next academic year?

Early round: An early round of offers will be made for applicants who complete the application process by November 15.
Main round: Applications (and associated documentation) must be received by no later than 12 noon on 27 January in order to be considered for a place at St Francis College for the commencement of the academic year. Applications received after this time will be placed on the waitlist for positions that become available through the year.

Do I have to wait for an offer from CSU before I apply for residency at St Francis College?

No. You don't have to wait to be offered a place at the university before applying for residency at St Francis College. On the contrary, because of the high demand for places at the College, prospective residents are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Can I be considered in the early round offer for accommodation at St Francis College even though I have not been given an early offer to study at the university?

Yes. You can apply to St Francis College and be included in the early round regardless of whether you have been given an offer to study at Charles Sturt University. Some applicants deliberately apply at St Francis before being given an offer in an attempt to solve a potentially difficult problem of having an offer to study at university but not having anywhere suitable to live. Accommodation can be difficult to find in Wagga Wagga, and the possibility of receiving an offer to live at St Francis gives the successful applicant peace of mind that if they are offered a place at university, they don't have to stress about finding suitable accommodation.

Is St Francis College too good to be true?

St Francis College really is the most amazing place. The college has superb facilities and is full of awesome people.

I would love to be part of St Francis College. How do I apply?

Easy. Click here to complete the online application form.