What is the atmosphere of St Francis College like?

At St Francis, we encourage residents to enjoy the freedom which university life presents, within the context of a supportive family style environment. We strive to provide an enjoyable place to live, where life-giving values and good habits are esteemed.

The college has an incredibly warm vibe. We have a great college spirit, because residents appreciate that they are part of a close knit community.

Some of the benefits of living at St Francis include the high standard of accommodation, the fine quality of pastoral care provided by the college, the high standard of cleanliness maintained, the peace of mind of high security, an unsurpassed social life, as well as a host of 'little things' such as the ability to have a late meal delivered to the fridge in your room if you have a late lecture, the ability to store your goods in the college over the summer holidays, free college sport singlet, etc.

'Frannies' is a genuine 'home away from home'. When new residents arrive at the start of the year, we put a great deal of effort into helping them settle in to college and university life. It is not uncommon for the Dean to receive complaints from parents who say that their child feels more at home at Frannies than at their own home!