Fees vary according to the type of room requested/allocated. All lodging is based on 36 week tenancy.  [Evening meals are catered Monday-Thursday during the 28 academic session weeks.]

There are three payment options. Residents may elect to:

  • pay for the full year upfront and receive a $100 discount; or
  • pay per semester (2 payments per year); or
  • pay by the term - a total of 4 equal instalments.

The fee schedule for 2024 has not yet been finalised. Please use the below as a guide only. 

Ensuite Room - Semi-catered

Lodging: 36 weeks


Meals: 28 weeks





Payment Options:


Term Payments (4 instalments):


OR Semester Payment Option (2 instalments):


OR Full year Upfront (including discount): $11,280

Standard Room - Semi-catered

Lodging: 36 weeks


Meals: 28 weeks





Payment Options:


Term Payments (4 instalments):


OR Semester Payment Option (2 installments):  


OR Full year Upfront (including discount): $9,600

Why is St Francis College the best value for money?

Some of the reasons why Frannies is much better value for money than alternatives are as follows:

  1. You are respected as a responsible adult;
  2. Unsurpassed pastoral care, and availability of spiritual formation if desired;
  3. Fellow residents are awesome people who are motivated to excel in their studies;
  4. You will never feel alone or lonely. You will make superb friends who you will keep for life;
  5. Relatively large bedrooms;
  6. Each bedroom has a large study desk and good quality study chair, as well as an armchair;
  7. Your bedroom is cleaned every week; 
  8. Even the non-ensuite rooms have a vanity unit with hot and cold running water;
  9. Common rooms are kept clean;
  10. Fully furnished with high quality furniture, fixtures and fittings;
  11. Free access to very fast and very reliable wifi, and huge amounts of free data;
  12. You don't have to cook four nights of the week;
  13. Kitchens are fully equipped - No need to bring cookware, cutlery or crockery;
  14. We provide and launder your bed linen;
  15. Fully equipped laundry;
  16. You don't have to pay electricity, gas or water bills, etc;
  17. You are not locked into a 52 week rental contract;
  18. You don't have to worry about housemates not paying their share of the rent;
  19. No risk of having the "Landlord from Hell";
  20. Small size of college feels like a home, not like an institution;
  21. Free off-street parking with security lighting and 24 hour security staff;
  22. Networked printer - You don't need to bring or maintain your own printer. We have the cheapest printing rates on campus (possibly even cheaper, and definitely less hassle than maintaining your own printer);
  23. No need to do any gardening or mow the lawns;
  24. No need to rent a Post Office Box. Mail and parcels delivered right to your bedroom door;
  25. Late meals available if you have other commitments at dinner-time;
  26. Free college sport singlet, and discounted college jersey;
  27. Fire buckets in winter;
  28. College dog who loves taking you for endless walks when you need a study-break;
  29. Last but definitely not least - The best leadership team imaginable.

Are there any upfront payments if I get accepted?

Yes. Up-front fees are as follows:

Acceptance Fee $220

Services Fee (Any unused portion is refunded) $400

Orientation Week  $200

St Francis Collegian's (SFCA) fee $100

CSU Network Access Charge (Levied by CSU) $288

Total: $1,208

* The SFCA fee is an annual fee collected by the College on behalf of the student association to subsidise social events through the year.